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Yesterday I watched the movie, Social Network - the first few scenes made me think that the movie should be quite good - and I liked watching the entire movie . The character of Mark Zuckerberg is very interesting . He is much into detailing and talking which makes sense - a quality of a born leader. Probably that the reason why he become the world youngest billionaire. I thought to myself.  i also have the same inclination, just need that ground. When I recollect memories of my earlier companies, and their business development heads, I think they are stupid people just listening to the clients, whereas they should not be showing the way to the client  - which never happens . Zuckerberg's statement that he wanted facebook clean at first and not with ads made an interesting standpoint on the road map plan  . I believe he first wanted to get people addicted to facebook and then roll out ads - so next time the user logs into his account ( after the addiction ) he wont worry about ads. Apart from that FB ' s CTR ( click thru rate ) is quite less, but again FB is a good place for ads. I am wondering if I should remove the ads from my blog posts -- they don't earn me any revenue though. Till date ( after 5 years into blogging ) I have not earned $10.00 yet , though sometime back I got a Pagerank of 5 though .

Keeping my fingers crossed.
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