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I have left the job , and started to work as a freelancer ; for quite some time. In my initial days as a freelancer , back in 2008, I enjoyed every bit of it - always wanted to know what is there apart from software development ; and freelancing taught me all of that. Now coming to the money part, money does not come in every month, and so I have to depend on others.

Life is good, I get ample time to spend with Sonamoni and Mimi ; something which I could not have done , had I been working in Bangalore.But the monetary part makes me think sometimes - how shall I get along with my career, shall it be good for me. I dont have the freedom to spend, and sometimes I find myself within bounds . Every cloud has a silver lining - probably someday my 

Ritu has joined the M. Sc - so he has gone to Pune on the 1st August. We shall also be joining her - now thats the only way , bujhli to .

Maajhe maajhe nijer khoob kharap laage.

Dear EmotionalDiary,
The editor was taking long to come, so I went ahead and expressed my present state of mind... it is sad. A little back I was crying to myself.

A little back I was speaking with my wife. It was about bringing up our daughters. I told her to leave her job, and come back to me. 

She replied "ami tader alu bhate khaie boro korbo na. tomader family er obosta orkom chilo". I felt this very insulting. Whatever way I had been bought up, my parent did their best to do what I am today. Everybody in our family did for us.

I had my wife to be a person who shall respect my family, and I thought I had married a girl who did respect my family.

My wife is letting down her respect. What more can I say. I shall live for my daughters, and I bring the doll tomorrow for my elder daughter.


Sejokaku had come down to Bangalore on the 11 th Feb 2011, and he is going back to Dum Dum today. I was very happy, its the first time some one had come from Dum Dum ... He actually came down for Grihoprobesh, which happened on the 14th Feb , after that we spent some quality time , showing Sejokaku some parts of  Bangalore.

I thought that the stay of 7 days shall be long, but time passed by  , and today he is going back to Dum Dum . Though I had to go to my office I enjoyed every moment of his stay.

Hope some day, some one from Dum Dum shall come again .
Yesterday I watched the movie, Social Network - the first few scenes made me think that the movie should be quite good - and I liked watching the entire movie . The character of Mark Zuckerberg is very interesting . He is much into detailing and talking which makes sense - a quality of a born leader. Probably that the reason why he become the world youngest billionaire. I thought to myself.  i also have the same inclination, just need that ground. When I recollect memories of my earlier companies, and their business development heads, I think they are stupid people just listening to the clients, whereas they should not be showing the way to the client  - which never happens . Zuckerberg's statement that he wanted facebook clean at first and not with ads made an interesting standpoint on the road map plan  . I believe he first wanted to get people addicted to facebook and then roll out ads - so next time the user logs into his account ( after the addiction ) he wont worry about ads. Apart from that FB ' s CTR ( click thru rate ) is quite less, but again FB is a good place for ads. I am wondering if I should remove the ads from my blog posts -- they don't earn me any revenue though. Till date ( after 5 years into blogging ) I have not earned $10.00 yet , though sometime back I got a Pagerank of 5 though .

Keeping my fingers crossed.
I have received the possession of my apartment on Jan 2010 . It looks good , the basics are over, I am planning to make it thehouse beautiful and stylish. I have plans of making the interior swanky and the appliances too.

Recently Philips has come out with some decent home lightnings. Maybe I need to visit the shop to check the other varieties.

As I am extremly passionate about music, I started looking for some good audio systems, Earlier I have listed to Onkyo, Bower Wilkins and the sound was amazaing. Never preferred Sony as the sound systems they have has a metallic sound. I was looking at Polk, KEF, Denon for the speakers and Onkyo for the amplifiers .

The Polk Soundbar looked appealing and the best possible fit  in a stylish way . It also comes with a subwoofer , and a DVD system. Maybe I shall go for a Pioneer DVD ( with HDMI upscaling ) , along with the SurroundBar. Reviews suggested that Polk outpefroms other audio systems as a value for money product ; incidentally the SurroundBar is priced at $349 plus taxes .

I have sent an inquiry to Polk , waiting to hear from them
Today I came across a link , which made me nostalgic and reminded me about memories of Calcutta. The article brings back old memories of Calcutta, along with some cherished memories of childhood.

I shall post some memoirs sometime later.


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